About Us

Hello Dreamers, Welcome to BloggersDream.com , the blog for you to Learn New Things, Earn a Good Revenue & Grow with Us.

This Blog is About Blogging, and Online Earning.

About the blog

BloggersDream is my First Blog . Here in this blog I share all best possible knowledge and articles about Blogging , Online money making , Digital Marketing and so many new technology related topics.

I started this blog on 1 July 2019 to share my knowledge of Technology and Digital Marketing. I was very keen to know about Online marketing and blogging from the beginning of my career. I started this blog to share my knowledge through writing and encapsulate all the stuff in one place.

I always thinking that how can i make money online , Is it possible ? or its just a fraud or scam in online world.

Now I realized the potential of Online market. It is very much possible to make decent money from online. There are different ways that I will describe in my various articles. Where you can Learn and implement in your own projects. And Off course Free of Cost.

About Me

My Name is Hemant. I am a Software Developer by Profession.

I worked for many companies from MNC’s to Startups. My First job was with IBM India, at Gurgaon. Then I worked for three more companies in last six years. All related to software and Web development projects.

But my interest was always to do something new and My Own. Where I can feel great about it.